design, marketing & production


    art instalations / light installations
    mapping 3D on buildings & objects / animations

  • Marketing & PR

    content designing / copywriting / social media
    motion graphic video / drone filming

About us

Brandiv focuses on special events designing. We have many years of experience, wide contacts with different specialists and passion in doing our job.
We have flexible team. We can offer creating a proper team dedicated to client’s task.

More about us will tell our works and satisfied clients. That is why we invite you to check our list of works and our offer, which we still make it bigger.

Brandiv offers:

  • constructing & programming personalized light systems for live shows or as a visual art exhibition,

  • film montage with animated elements, capturing video footage from hi-end drone,

  • film montage with animated elements, capturing video footage from hi-end drone,

  • complex organisation of special events like: anniversaries, conferences, openings, live arts shows Events could be created in extraordinary scenery, also with participation of influencers, special guests, VIPs, artists,

  • creation of brand, PR incl. designing suited advertisement campaigns, copywriting, ad emission in internet, social media like: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder,

  • artist rooster - organising events including extraordinary artists from all over the world. We cooperate with musicians, dancers, parkour sportsmen including using fire, fluo or LED lights costumes designed by us. Complex hospitality and technical event support.

Why us? What makes us different?

All available researches conclude that people have better remember life events which have huge emotion element. That is why during special event production we care to make positive emotions. Thanks to that
we can build strong brand of company / idea / institution /personal. Other our advantages:


    Years of works
    in complex event designing,
    referenced by our satisfied
    clients and partners.


    Huge contact base of good
    and well-qualified specialists.
    Continuous networking
    and influencing creative people.


    Brandiv company is developing
    by doing research aimed
    on visual art technology.
    We base on hi-end tech.


    Brandiv choose only high quality
    materials and service.
    We cooperate with the best specialists
    Quality, not quantity!


    With each clients
    we communicate directly.
    Without unnecessary lengthing
    decission process.


    Tasks of project are done
    simultaneously if it is possible.
    For each project we focus on
    proper specialists.